What you did in my head

What you did in my head

„What meaning have the connections between the stories and my own life?“ (First attempt)

A movie about connections of stories a person tells, with his own life. The stories differ in it's degree of realism, they differ in the character of their connection with the life of a young woman: One story is biographical, originating from her own past. The second story is her passing on a relation, retelling, handing down a story from the treasure chest of narratives her catholic family possesses. It's the St.-Paul-story. The third story is invented, a speculation on her future. (from the concept)

Written, directed and edited by Florian Geierstanger
Photographed by Susanne Schranner
Sound mixed by Tom Rudolph
Shot entirely on location in Jenkofen / Schwabing / Karlsfeld in March 2009
Language: Bavarian with English subtitles
Duration: 6 min.
Produced for the group exhibition Der große P[aulus] / Katholische Akademie, Munich / May - July 2009