7. August 2022

TYPO3 and Vite

Modern frontend tooling for TYPO3 — a first glimpse on how to do a Vite backend integration

In recent days the tooling for frontend development has improved a lot. After experiencing Vite’s ultra fast hot module reloading, I never want to go back. At the TYPO3 Developer Days 2022 in Karlsruhe I worked on a quick demo, how to integrate Vite with TYPO3.

Using DDEV as a local PHP development environment, the ddev-viteserve add-on already got me half the way there. The CLI command ddev vite-serve start start’s the Vite dev server and exposes it at port 5173 on the DDEV server.

There is no existing TYPO3 Vite integration (yet), but what is left to do is described in the Vite Backend Integration Guide.